Australian cities are growing in population and placing increasing demands on existing urban transport systems. As a result, governments and other stakeholders are looking to improve the effectiveness and capacity of existing infrastructure. AREA3 provides a comprehensive range of Transport Infrastructure services to meet these needs.



  • heavy and light rail

  • buses

  • metro and underground systems

  • airports

  • cycleways

  • taxi service

  • drainage systems and structures

  • hydrology

  • environmental engineering

  • seaports

  • bridges, roadways and highways


craigieburn maintenance facility

The project was a three-year secondment to MTM. AREA3 were responsible for the project and program management of over $200m worth of major rail infrastructure.


The project comprised:

  • Stable Sidings,

  • Main Line Signalling,

  • Cross Overs,

  • New station platform,

  • New Signal Control Box for the main line and yard,


New Train Wash Facility to wash the existing and new fleet of rolling stock,

  • New Substation,

  • New Train Maintenance Facility including three maintenance roads and one inspection road with in ground lifting jacks to support six car units.