Our Team

The Heart of AREA3


Charles Penny, Managing Director

Charles has a highly developed, world-class skill set and a safe pair of hands. He is motivated, quick-thinking and guaranteed to drive and deliver any project.


Graham Pellow, Director

Graham has over 18 years experience in the construction industry in various trade roles and levels of management. His dedication has made him an asset to AREA3.


Anastasia Liem, Jakarta Director

With exceptional project management skills and a background in architecture, Anastasia offers clients a hands on approach.

Cephas Yeo, Senior Project Manager

Experienced in project planning, implementing, managing and delivery of complex projects. Cephas ensures that projects are completed to specification.


Sonam Desai, Assistant Project Manager

Sonam has over 8 years of experience with a technical background and expertise in solution development and project delivery.


Rachel Danusa-putra, Assistant Project Manager

Rachel studied psychology and now works in construction management. She began in administration but quickly demonstrated her aptitude for project delivery.

Neil Donald, Associate Director

Neil has over 14 years of delivering multidisciplinary projects across various market sectors. He offers high level skills to any project.

Michael Campos, Project Manager

Michael recently joined the AREA3 team where his extensive experience made him an asset. He is an enthusiastic world traveller.


Merwais Meyer, Assistant Project Manager

Merwais is experienced coordinating projects in finance and community services. Skills in client management, risk mitigation and project planning.


Zach Jarret, Assistant Project Manager

Zach is an articulate communicator and highly reliable. He prides himself on his flexibility which enables him to support changing demands of clients.

Brendan Smith, Associate Director

With strong technical and stakeholder management skills, Brendan enjoys a challenge and delivering great results for AREA3’s clients.


John Farag, Project Manager

John has extensive experience working in the construction industry. He is a focused and diligent project manager who thrives on quality outcomes.


Chris Harris, Assistant Project Manager

Chris is an experienced Application Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the mechanical and engineering industry.


Meghan Hadley, Office Administrator

Meg is an excellent editor with a dangerous organisational streak. She has a wealth of marketing experience and can’t walk past a biscuit without eating it.

Annette Serafim, Finance Manager

Annette has over 20 years experience in finance. She is strategically focused and highly skilled in financial reporting, human resources and data analysis.


Lachlan Pigott, Project Manager

Lachlan has strong communication, and focuses on proactive stakeholder management to ensure effective project planning.


Selvey Tjhia, Assistant Project Manager

Selvey is an experienced project manager with a background in civil engineering. Her goal is to deliver mission critical projects across NSW.