Melbourne PV System


AREA3 were requested by a client to investigate and develop a business case and proposal to install 400kW of solar arrays at the location of one of their Data Centres.

As part of the detailed investigation, AREA3 assessed a range of possible options for the installation of the solar arrays, including:

  • Roof mounted solar arrays spread across a number of buildings;

  • Solar arrays installed on available open ground set aside for future development;

  • Solar car park shades to existing car parking areas.

The business case looks at how the onsite production of renewable energy could provide a positive return and help achieve environmental initiatives in the wider organisation. The report and feasibility of the system also considered the complex calculation and forecasting of power supply charges for the client, which is a high voltage (HV) power supplied customer.

The proposal increases the amount of renewable onsite production of energy by 8 times the levels previously identified by the masterplan for the site in the short term and demonstrates the potential for future solar power production on the site.

Project Highlights

  • Coordinate with available existing electrical infrastructure;

  • How the renewable power could be utilised by the facility;

  • How the power produced would be reticulated around the site;

  • Considerations to future development of the site;

  • Protection requirements as required by local power utilities.