ABC, Sydney


The ABC Headquarters at Ultimo was constructed in 1989, with a 13-storey office tower added in 2002. The building was occupied by approximately 3,000 ABC staff and was home to several radio stations and their flagship TV content - News24 and Q&A.

The key infrastructure consisted of:

  • 2 x 1500 kVA backup generators;

  • Several small UPS modules for localised communications rooms;

  • Air handling units & associated air-cooled chillers;

  • 3 x 11kV feeders, 2 x 1.5MVA transformers and 1 x 2MVA transformer;

  • VESDA Fire Detection.

Senior Project Manager, Brendan Smith’s roles were the overhaul of the UPS system, which involved the replacement of the existing UPS systems with a single, consolidated N+1 configuration that would support critical loads in the building.

Towards the end of the project, he completed a high-level audit of existing infrastructure and identified two high risk elements. One - the building had exceeded the nominal supply rating of two HV feeders. Two – cooling capacity at site had been reached.

Project Highlights

  • Implementation of new live energy monitoring system to capture power consumption characteristics and help identify areas where efficiencies can be deployed;

  • Implementation of cold aisle containment in comms rooms. The increased efficiency brought on by the cold aisle containment was sufficient to render half the CRAH units on site redundant;

  • Proposal to replace aged light fittings with new high efficiency LED system (ROI of 5 years);

  • Redistribution of building loads to bring the building back within the allocated power limits.