Telstra Exchanges, VIC NSW & ACT

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AREA3 staff have undertaken planning and project management roles on a number of the major Telstra Exchanges of Pitt St Sydney, Exhibition St Melbourne, Broadway Exchange Sydney, Little Bourke St Melbourne and Deakin Exchange in Canberra.

AREA3 acted as the project lead on these projects, focusing the design and delivery team on flexible long term solutions. The project included development of the data centre standards, capacity models, site assessments, plant room configuration, structural cabling, AC power racks, DC power racks, budgeting, requirement specifications and design reviews.

In this role we also arranged the build of data communications networks and supported Telstra product managers with the development of the product offerings that were related to the new exchanges.

Project Highlights:

  • Working with an ambitious and exacting client like Telstra.

  • Undertaking data centre improvement in many diverse locations.

  • Supported Telstra in the development of new product offerings.

  • Overseeing the projects with a focus on Telstra's long-term needs.