St. Vincent's Hospital

st vincents hospital.png

In conjunction with the hospitals’ team, AREA3 staff selected and led the consultant team on an upgrade of St Vincent's Hospital.

They then coordinated the preparation of the business case and board presentations. This included liaising with DHS, the management of working groups through design, tender, construction and delivery.

The infrastructure upgrade included improvements to an existing Co-Generation plant. They included electrical switching, and PLC re-configuration for load shedding.

Integration of fire alarms across the campus was also accomplished with the installation of Hospital Local Area Network via optic fibre.

Additional power generation (4MW) was installed to provide additional security to essential services.

Project Highlights:

  • Leading the consultant team to deliver the best upgrade result for the St. Vincent's Hospital.

  • Connecting fire alarm systems across the hospital campus to achieve a completely integrated safety network.

  • Installing important additional backup power generators to support essential services in the case of an external power failure.