Greater Metropolitan Cemetery Trust, Melbourne


The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust is an organisation based in Fawkner, Melbourne and is responsible for 21 Cemeteries and Memorial Parks across North and Western Melbourne. Several of these cemeteries date back into the late 1800’s.

With the quantity of sites and range of new and maintenance works, AREA3 were engaged to manage the asset rehabilitation and remediation program across their sites.

Working alongside an internal asset manager and operational stakeholders, AREA3 have progressed through upgrading, numerous roads, footpaths, heritage and modern building structures along with other asset classes held by the trust. 

AREA3 has also advised on renewal strategy to ensure efficient usage of funds for projects and achieving the best outcome for each site. This project is ongoing.

Project Highlights:

  • Working with a historic client with a long history in Melbourne – including the burial sites of several prominent figures.

  • Bringing our unique thinking to the client, working to balance the historic with the innovative.

  • Advising the Cemetery with methods to ensure the security of their organisation well into the future.