Brimbank City Council, Melbourne


In 2017 Brimbank City Council enlisted AREA3 as their client-side project manager to oversee the delivery of a new carpark to their community.

The recent growth of the community had led to more local demand for secure parking facilities. In addition to this, the council was looking to incorporate parking fees as a revenue raising activity.

AREA3 worked closely with Brimbank City Council from the pre-design phase through design, tendering, construction, completion and handover.

Our works for Brimbank were tailored specifically to their desires and the requirements of the public sector.

The project was delivered on time, within budget, and to the expected standards including community and sustainability considerations. Completed 2018.

Project Highlights:

  • Client-Side Project Manager for a fast developing local government body.

  • Overseeing the project from design infancy through to completion.

  • Thoughtfully tailoring the project to meet the specific goals of Brimbank City Council.