Australian National University, Canberra


AREA3 was part of the team invited by the Australian National University to undertake a master planning exercise on the buildings of the Research School of Physics and Engineering.

With construction dating from the post-war period, the facilities were are no longer viable. Our study investigated the current and future requirements of the school and incorporated strategic drivers to refocus the school on undergraduate students.

This project relied on AREA3's ability to deeply understand the needs of our client, and implement changes that will reflect their goals both now and into the future.

Project Highlights:

  • Taking a critical eye to existing structures to advise ANU of the best course of action into the future.

  • Working with a prestigious and ambitious client like the Australian National University.

  • Deeply consulting with our client to understand their needs and hopes for the project.

  • Collaborating with other consultants to create the best end result possible.