Global data centre Victoria $150m


Project Summary…

  • New Tier III Data Centre Facility:

  • Technology area: 550m2

  • Total site capacity: 5MW

  • Energy efficiency: PUE 1.3 Tier III resilience.

AREA3 undertook a comprehensive analysis of the bank’s existing Data Centres from an engineering, capacity and lifecycle perspective.This was then used in conjunction with the forecast IT demand to scope what future Data Centre capacity and design requirements were needed to maintain the bank’s core business systems and allow rapid deployment of new business innovation with their new IT architecture.

AREA3 then researched the key Data Centre option of “build, own and operate” versus “lease and operate”. Researching the market of Data Centre providers, their capabilities and leasing costs, AREA3 developed sophisticated cost models to compare the 2 options. The models delivered ROI and NPV results to inform the strategic recommendations to ANZ.

 AREA3 have been further engaged to work with the bank to develop business case submissions in excess of $150m to execute the strategic plans that the bank have approved and adopted. In addition, AREA3 are also program managing the design and construction projects of the tactical works that must be undertaken at ANZ’s Australian Data Centres, whilst the strategic long term plans are developed and executed upon.