Shaping the future with our focused approach to deliver bold solutions in an ever-evolving environment.

Retail & Commercial


From corporate offices to sporting facilities, retail environments to residential dwellings, we provide strategic and professional services across the board. We offer a professional business planning service which provides a thorough understanding of the current operating environment and formulation of strategies for future development.

We understand the requirements needed to deliver successful developments within the commercial sector and the challenges these projects present.


We provide our clients with scalable solutions for their projects, approaching all projects with the same focus of:

  • Initially define your expectations and AREA3 responsibility to deliver the defined project objectives plus agreed roles, delegations responsibilities and reporting structure

  • Research the potential development staging options and prepare associated indicative development timeline programs and cash flows for each option

  • Document management procedures and processes in conjunction with project partners

  • Prepare briefs, negotiate and manage the agreements under which the consultants are appointed and their ongoing instruction

  • Implement the preferred project concept and recommend an appropriate delivery method


  • tendering

  • feasibility studies

  • land development

  • urban development

  • ESD – Greenstar rating

  • accommodation studies

  • options analysis

  • business cases

  • refurbishment

  • post-occupation evaluations