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If you have an idea, and a passion for sustainability, we want to talk to you.

AREA3 is a leader in the provision of holistic advice when it comes to the implementation of sustainability and return on investments.

We take your existing infrastructure to new levels with tailored, innovative and evidence-based solutions. The consultancy was established in 2009 in Melbourne and quickly grew into other states, now having offices in Sydney and Jakarta with a network reaching throughout Australia and Asia.

As our experience and expertise grew with each project, we developed a strong collective passion for clients and projects that focus on innovation and sustainability, both in projects and operationally, which is how AREA3 Innovation got its start.

The invent of AREA3 Innovation allowed AREA3 to focus on its core business - the delivery of projects, and gave AREA3 Innovation the freedom to strive towards its sole vision – to align ourselves with like minded clients and partners to push the boundaries of sustainability and innovation.

Though AREA3 Innovation is young, our team of like-minded experts come from a wide range of backgrounds, including commercial property development, architecture, engineering, IT and building, and have been delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for years.

We earned our reputation through hard work and an unwavering focus on our vision. We treat each project as an opportunity to prove our value and improve on our last challenge. Our cultural and technical diversity gives us strength. We are proud to say we care about our work, our clients and our projects.


AREA3 are ACP accredited with IPART.

This means we are registered to undertake audits of sites where new, energy efficient lighting like LED has replaced outdated technology like fluorescent tubing..

The difference in technologies means that there is an overall cost saving to the client and grants access to government sustainability schemes.

Please get in touch with us to learn more or organise a free review of your site.

Innovation Services

  • Baseline power + water consumption analysis

  • System diagnostics + gap analysis

  • Strategic planning

  • Scenario modelling + options analysis

  • Return on Investment projections

  • NABERS rating certification

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance review

  • Procurement strategies

  • Equipment lifecycle replacement strategies

  • Accredited Certificate Provider