AREA3 for International Women's Day

The AREA3 teams in Melbourne and Sydney joined together to participate in the IWD, #balanceforbetter campaign. Together we took to social media to acknowledge the inequity that many women are facing around the world.

To press upon you all the importance of the day, here’s a few quick facts that I shared with my colleagues on the day.

  • Half of all Australian women have experienced sexual harassment

  • 1 in 3 Australian women have experiences physical or sexual violence

  • Australian women only earn 85% of what a man does in the same job

  • Half of all Australian mothers have experienced workplace discrimination

  • Australia ranks 48th in the world for female representation in politics (down from last year’s 32nd)

I’m so proud of my wonderful co-works who all turned up to show their support!


By Meg Hadley, Office Administrator