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It all started…

As our experience and expertise grew with each project, we developed a strong collective passion for clients and projects that focus on innovation and sustainability, both in projects and operationally. This passion led to the creation of AREA3 Innovation.

The invention of AREA3 Innovation allowed AREA3 to focus on its core business – the delivery of projects – but gave AREA3 Innovation the freedom to strive towards its sole vision: join with like minded clients and partners. Our goal is to push the boundaries of sustainability and innovation.

Though AREA3 Innovation is young, our team of like-minded experts come from a wide range of backgrounds, including commercial property development, architecture, engineering, IT and building, and have independently been delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for years.

If you have an idea, and a passion for sustainability, we want to talk to you.

Our services involve upgrades to end-user equipment to improve operational efficiencies. This is achieved through control strategies, the replacement of inefficient equipment or the installation of additional components to improve efficiency.