Shaping the future with our focused approach to deliver bold solutions in an ever-evolving environment.



Data Centres

Our expertise is in the development and delivery of Data Centre infrastructure new build projects range from small 200KW facilities up to 40MW projects. Our teams have international experience in delivering a range of new build Data Centre projects.


Organisations are increasingly dependent on ICT infrastructure. Our mix of expertise in building and construction, procurement, design management and telecommunications allows us to translate your IT requirements into construction practice.


Commercial and Retail

From corporate offices to sporting facilities, retail environments to residential dwellings, we provide strategic and professional services across the board. We offer a professional planning service including strategies for future development.


AREA3 has worked on mission critical projects for a variety of clients within the education sector and has significant expertise working within educational style facilities, including specialist and flexible space facilities.



Australia’s health care system is amongst the best in the world. The dual health care system delivers high quality services to all parts of the community. The AREA3 team has significant experience with the delivery of solutions to address these challenges.


Australian cities are growing in population and placing increasing demands on existing urban transport systems. AREA3 provides a comprehensive range of Transport Infrastructure services to meet these needs.



AREA3 are experts in preparing and supporting funding applications and we understand funding criteria and protocols. We offer a professional business planning service which provides a thorough understanding of the current operating environment and formulation of strategies for future development.