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Data Centres

AREA3 World Class Data Centre Consulting

AREA3 Global Data Centre Development Expertise

New Build Projects

Our expertise in the development and delivery of Data Centre infrastructure new build projects range from small 200KW facilities up to 40MW projects. Our teams have international experience in delivering a range of new build Data Centre projects around the world. Our experience is focused on the delivery of Data Centre projects, from inception through to go-live.



New Build Data Centre Innovation

Our proven approach to managing innovation maximises the benefits expected from equipment, design parameters and build quality. We have working knowledge of the challenges Data Centre facilities face, and know how to navigate the options presented through product and method optioneering.


Expansion Projects

We have delivered a range of expansion projects for both developer and owner occupier clients. We have detailed specialist knowledge on the expansion of mission critical facilities, whilst maintaining operational up-time. Our knowledge and expertise allows for the development of facilities without compromising the ongoing operational needs, improving the redundancy and resilience of Data Centre infrastructure.



Expansion Innovation

Our broad range of Data Centre knowledge across multiple countries specifically centres on the expansion of existing Data Centre facilities. Our team works closely with clients in meeting their needs and capturing their requirements, including futureproofing and expansion elements. We then process these requirements into innovative and economical solutions for facility owners and occupants. We are adept at managing the requirements from day 1, to maximise the performance of the facility over the long term, with expansion options and lifecylce replacement synergisation.


Lifecycle Replacement Projects

As Data Centres age, the opportunity to lifecycle plant and equipment through replacement or upgrade, presents a unique set of project challenges. Lifecycle projects must meet the ongoing up-time requirements expected of operational Data Centre facilities. We do this whilst also addressing the changing demands on existing Data Centre infrastructure. Data Centre lifecycle projects present unique project constraints in order to avoid unnecessary outages.


Lifecycle Opportunity Management

Our team have experience in managing all project stages from requirements capture, briefing, design management, procurement management and installation of specialist Data Centre equipment. The lifecycle replacement requirements for Data Centres, creates unique opportunities for an integrated development structure that takes advantage of the project environment, enhancing the capacity or resilience of the facility.

Data Centre design management requires a unique skill-set and experience to meet the demanding requirements placed on modern infrastructure.  

We are experienced in the translation of requirements from initial design through to built innovative high performance facilities.

Design Management

Managing the design process for Data Centres can be a complex and challenging task. Throughout the design process, many variables present themselves for consideration within the overall project environment. AREA3 have specialist skills and experience in managing the design process. We know how to refine and improve design ideas and choices through to a solidified design intent, ready for procurement.



Option Selection

Each design criteria identified within a Data Centre project has a number of variables, which possess individual and collective attributes within the over-arching design aspiration. Being able to navigate the range of choices, whilst maintaining project drivers like PERFORMANCE, COST and TIME are our experience.

Custom Design

Modern Data Centres require the careful management of design variables that allows convention challenge and improved performance characteristics. Business innovation and changes to service offering, require a team of experienced professionals to navigate the changing and interlaced requirements, controlling the project outcomes, providing a facility to meet expected benefits.



Data Centres require diligent design, selection and procurement of equipment. Procurement management addresses the requirements associated with long lead time equipment orders to meet the quality, time, testing and cost expectations for projects. Our team integrates the elements related to the specification, selection and manufacture of cooling, transforming, generator and uninterruptible power devices. We have specialist knowledge and experience in the procurement management of equipment, along with timing, novation, free-issue or specifying within build projects.

Commissioning and Handover

At the commencement of each project, we clarify the expectations of commissioning. This is monitored throughout the design and tender periods. As the project nears completion on-site, validation of expectations from performance characteristics and functionality relies on an integrated, well planned and executed commissioning program. The commissioning works are an integral element to identifying elements that may only be required for use once every 15 years. Getting elements right for the long-term is an important part of the process and validation of facility characteristics.

Construction Management

The realisation of Data Centre design and procurement through construction is the culmination of many moving elements that require co-ordination and consolidation onsite. Our team has delivered Data Centres utilising a number of techniques including Construction Management, Design and Construct, Fixed Lump Sum, Traditional, Open Book amongst others. We are adept at the management of contracts with various parties from Designers, Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers, Sub-Contractors and Suppliers.

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